In each classroom, we foster children’s participation in decision making, development of self-esteem, and the establishment of values.

Developmentally appropriate materials, toys, and activities make up the curriculum for all ages.  The children learn daily through music, movement, play, stories, rhymes, art, sensory activities, circle times, and other activities.  Field trips are an integral part of the curriculum and childcare program. The children take the  Metro  bus once a week for outings.  Trips are planned to places such as the Woodland Park Zoo, Pacific Science Center, Children’s Museum, as well as neighborhood walks.

Typical Day Schedule

7:00-9:00 arrival, eating, free-play
9:00-9:45 breakfast & clean up
9:45-10:30 special projects, dramatic & sensory play
10:30-11:00 outside/downstairs play
11:00-11:30 getting ready for lunch
11:30-12:00 lunch & clean up
12:00-2:45 nap
2:45-3:00 quiet play
3:00-3:30 snack & clean up
3:30-4:30 free play in classroom
4:30-6:00 outside/downstairs play; prepare for departure

Classroom Size

Our 12 month-24 month classrooms have a 1:5 staff-child ratio with a maximum of 12 children
Our 2- 3 year old classrooms have a 1:7 staff-child ratio with a maximum of 14 children.
Our 3-5  year old classroom has a 1:9 staff-child ratio with a maximum of 20 children.


Vegetarian meals are provided by Farestart of Seattle. Farestart cooks meals from scratch, and uses mostly organic and seasonal ingredients. Farestart provides comprehensive training for homeless and under-served members of the community.

Breakfast and snacks are provided by the Center. They are mostly organic, all vegetarian and include items such as whole wheat crackers, fruit in season, low sugar cereals, yogurt and cheese. If you child has an allergy or food intolerance, please inform us in writing so that we can accommodate your child. The Center also provides rice milk and soy milk for children with lactose concerns.

Breakfast and lunch include protein products that meet or exceed the USDA’s standards. Children eat family style, supervised and accompanied by staff members. Meal menus are always subject to change.

Other Activities

The Dizzy Tumble Bus comes once a week for kids 2 years old and above to tumble, climb, dance and move with a mobile tumbling program. More info:

Music Class with Hugh Sutton. Hugh uses a variety of instruments including the accordion, piano and guitar to engage children. Classes incorporate songs, fingerplay and body movement. Hugh can be reached at 206-501-6785 for additional information on parties, and singing engagements. For a viewing of his band “Zazou” please go to

P-patch. The P-patch is located at the Good Shepard.  The children bus to the garden to plant, water,  weed, harvest the crops they chose to plant.