Greenlake Preschool and Childcare

Our Classrooms

  • Poohbears - 12-24 months
  • Pigets - 24-36 months
  • Tiggers- 3- 5 years

What's coming up 


September 5 2016

Center closed in observance of the federal holiday 


September 16 2016

Center closed for staff in-service 


November 11 2016

Center closed for federal holiday 


November 25 and November 26 2016 

Center closed for Thanksgiving


December 16 2016 

Center closed for staff in-service


December 23 and December 26 2016

Center closed for Christmas


Dedicated to the growth of young children since 1988

Children learn through active manipulation of their environment and through concrete experiences. Green Lake Preschool provides age appropriate activities and materials for growth and development. We foster participation in decision making, development of self-esteem, and the establishment of values.

We have been providing top quality child care to the Green Lake community for more than twenty-seven years. The center is housed in the Green Lake Church of Seventh-day Adventists across from beautiful Green Lake.

Green Lake Preschool has been continuously accredited by NAEYC since 1999.

The childcare is not religiously affiliated with the church.  

Green Lake Preschool is open year round and enrollment is based on space availability. There is a wait list for all three classrooms. (August 3, 2016). If you would like to be on our wait list please e-mail the center. E-mail address; Please include your child's name, date of birth, the days of the week you desire and your contact information. Being on the wait list does not guarantee you a space. The website will be updated when space becomes available. There is no fee for being on the wait list. 


Green Lake Preschool is expanding and adding a second program in the summer/early fall of 2016. The name of our new facility is Woodland Hall Preschool. The address is 516 NW 56th Street, Seattle, WA, 98107. This building is currently under extensive renovation (August 3, 2016) updates to follow. We will prioritize enrolling full-time students.

If you would like to be added to the new facility wait list please e-mail  The second facility will have three classrooms and serve children 2 to 5 years of age. The new facility will follow the same operational procedures, meals, hours of operation and closure dates as Green Lake Preschool.

Tuition for Woodland Hall Preschool & Childcare is as follows; 

2-3.5 year olds (Woods & Fields classrooms)

        Full time $1890.00 

3 days per week $1440.00

2 days per week $ 1050.00


3.5-5 year olds(Town room)

         Full time $1625.00

3 days per week $1215.00

2 days per week $905.00 

Tuition includes two meals, two snacks, diapers if necessary, (for the 2-3 year classroom) and weekly music sessions.


Non-discrimination policy: Green Lake Preschool and Child Care Center advertises in order to make openings known to the public. Children, families and staff are admitted regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, veteran's status, national origin, religion, marital status or the presence of any physical, mental or sensory handicap. 

Green Lake Preschool and Child Care Center adheres to NAEYC's Anti-Discrimination Position Statement: NAEYC's first commitment is to the rights and interests of all children. In that regard, NAEYC believes that individuals in the early childhood field should be hired, employed, promoted, and if necessary terminated based solely on their competence and qualifications to perform their designated duties, and not on the basis of their gender, race, color, national origin, religious beliefs, age, marital status/family structure (including same sex unions or domestic partnerships), disability, sexual orientation, or any basis prohibited by law.  (NAEYC's Anti-Discrimination Position Statement-Revised July, 2009)


naeyc logoAccredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children since 1999. NAEYC's national, voluntary accreditation system has set professional standards for early childhood education programs, and helped families identify high-quality programs for their young children.
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